Is Homo Naturals for everyone?

What does "Homo" mean?

The word "Homo" comes from Latin (man) and Greek (equal). Hence the term has been used to describe the different species of human that have existed to this day (Homo Sapiens, Homo Neanderthalensis, Homo Erectus...).

Thus, in this case "Homo" does not even refer only to men but the whole species, which in English would be the "mankind" or the "Mensch" in German.

That is why we write this article, to explain where the term Homo Naturals comes from, and to expose that our products are for all kinds of men, regardless of their sexual condition, since here the important thing is the type of skin and that the products that are used are adapted as best as possible for the care of the skin of man.

In some Anglo-Saxon countries we are asked if "Homo Naturals" is a specific brand only for a particular type of audience.

That's because the term "Homo" is used to describe LGBTI people, and from there they deduce that our brand of male cosmetics products should be only for a gay or gay audience.

¿What does Homo Naturals mean?

We like to describe all those men who take care of themselves, and who do so naturally, as the "Homo Naturals".

When we say naturally, we mean, literally, that they take care of themselves naturally and spontaneously, but that they also do so with natural products that are more beneficial to their skin and to the environment.

The meaning "Homo Naturals" is not a scientific name, just a term that we have coined to define all those men who have a concern for their image and their personal appearance.

In conclusion, we can say that Homo Naturals is a brand of care products for the skin of man, which manufactures 100% natural male cosmetic products with ecological certification, for all those men who feel the need to take care of their image and personal appearance, regardless of their sexual orientation, since the term "Homo" refers to Man and with "Homo Naturals" we want to describe the new "species" of men who take care of themselves naturally.

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