What is a Facial Revitalizer?

Facial Tonic / Revitalizing Spray / Seboregulator?

Just as with eating you bring vitamins to your body, you should also give your skin a revitalizing boost.

You can get it very easily with our Cool Splash, an all-in-one spray with infinite possibilities:

- Vitaminic contribution to your skin thanks to the different extracts of plants

- You moisturize it very quickly for its content in Aloe Vera

- Calm for its content in Calendula

- Seborregulas for its content in Hamamelis

- Refreshes by natural mint extract

Mixed or oily skin?

So this is the ideal product for you since all the plant extracts it contains are in aqueous format and do not carry any vegetable oil so as not to add any more fat to your skin.

Our Cool Splash also carries an extract of Hamamelis, a powerful seboregulator ideal for regulating excess oily secretion of your skin.

And if I have normal or dry skin, can I also use it?

Of course we do, because as we said above, our Cool Splash is a spray seboregulatory, i.e. it regulates excess sebum but without drying it out.

As it also carries Aloe Vera, it will help you keep dry skin well hydrated.

Can Cool Splash replace my facial moisturiser?

If you have very oily skin and live in a very humid climate, at the warmest times of the year, our Cool Splash could be enough on your skin, since its Aloe Vera would give you the necessary hydration and the rest of the extracts will nourish it, without providing more fat to your skin.


Can I mix my Cool Splash with my Youth Blend GEL / CREAM?

Yes of course. You have two options to use our Cool Splash:

1. Apply and tap on the skin until it has completely absorbed. Then you apply our Youth Blend GEL / CREAM.

2. Apply the spray to the face and without waiting for it to be absorbed, and on top of that you apply your Youth Blend GEL / CREAM, mixing the texture of the Cool Splash with that of the Youth Blend, and thus making an emulsion of the two textures.

With this second option you will get Cool Splash to penetrate even better to lower layers of the skin.

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