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Detox Facial Cleanser
Organic Shaving Cream

Sulfate free, pH 5.5
Daily use


Apricot Seeds Scrub
Awesome to regenerate your skin

Sulfate free, pH 5.5
Weekly use


Facial Revitaliser
After Shaving Spray

Alcohol free
Daily use


The all-in-one Moisturizer for men

Moisturizes, nourishs, firms, and regenerates in one single product

The best Antiaging choice.  Two textures to choose from:

For combination & oily skin For normal & dry skin
Ideal to use in summer

Ideal to use in winter

Exclusive Shine free formula N3+
Daily use

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Quick absorption
with hyaluronic acid, baobab
and aloe vera

100% Natural and Organic certified

Free of paraffins, silicones, and other petroleum derived oils
Free of alcohol
Free of synthetic controversed preservatives such as parabens, triclosan, phenoxyetanol, etc.
Free of ethoxylated emulsifiers
Free of synthesic fragrances

All our products are made only with premium plant extracts, cold-pressed vegetale oils and 100% pure essential oils.

Step 1: Extra Gent's

1.  Apply cream on beard
2.  Gentle shave
3. Before rinsing, apply a thin layer on your face and massage in order to cleanse.
4.  Rinse face and shaved area with water. Dry tapping with a fine towel or cloth. Avoid rubbing. 

It is recommended to cleanse your face twice a day

Step 2: X-Foliate

1. Apply on skin

2. Massage very gently. Avoid eye contour area.

3. Rinse with water. Dry tapping with a fine towel or cloth. Avoid rubbing.

Step 3: Cool Splash

- As a Facial Revitalizing Spray:

Spray directly onto your face with your eyes closed. Two options:

  1. Gently tap with your fignertips. Once absorbed, you can apply Step 4 (in either gel or cream texture)
  2. You can direclty apply Step 4 and blend it with the spray. Massage both products together until absorbed.

- As an After Shaving Spray:
Apply the spray directly to the shaved area and gently tap with your fingertips until absorbed.

Step 4: Anti-Stress GEL or CREAM

- Apply the gel or cream to your fingertips and then to three areas of your face.
- Spread evenly until absorbed


Hand cream
Apply to clean, dry hands with a gentle massage until absorbed.



Step one: extra Gen's-70 ml

Water (water), decyl glucoside, hexadecyl alcohol2Glycerin (vegetable)1Palmitic acid, stearic acid2Potassium hexadecyl phosphate, wheat germ oil1,Aloe leaf juice1sunflower seed oil1Citronella oil, citrus peel (grape fruit) oil1Peppermint oil1,Maris salt, titanium dioxide, glyceryl octanoate, jojoba ester,Tocopherol (vitamin E), Xanthan gum, glyceryl undecylate, Acacia wax, polyglycerol-3, phytic acid, benzyl alcoholPotassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, perfume3, Citral4Limonene4Geraniol4

1Biological / organic sources   Natural emulsifier for vegetable oil100% pure essential oil blendNatural in base oil

100% natural and biological certification. Pure vegetable products

Step 2: x-leaf-100 ml
Water (water), aloe (Aloe) leaf extract, (vegetable) glycerin, apricot (apricot) seed powder, Prunella (Prunella vulgaris) compound leaf extract, calendula extract, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, benzoic acid, lactic acid, sodium phytate, maltodextrin, citric acid, potassium chloride, decyl Glucoside, carrageenan, perfume1, Citral2Citronellol2Limonene2Geraniol2

1100% pure essential oil blend 2 Natural in base oil

100% natural and biological certification. Pure vegetable products

Step 3: Cool splash - 70 ml
Water (water), aloe (Aloe vera) leaf extract, (vegetable) glycerin, Hamamelis (Hamamelis) leaf extract, Aesculus chinensis (chestnut) seed extract, lactic acid, marigold extract, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, benzoic acid, sodium phytate, xanthan gum, maltodextrin, citric acid, Decyl Glucoside1, Citral2Geraniol2Limonene2

1100% pure essential oil blend2Natural in base oil

100% natural and biological certification. Pure vegetable products

Step 4:
Stress gel - 50 ml
Aloe (Aloe vera) leaf extract, water (water), (vegetable) glycerin, xanthan gum, galactomannan, sodium hyaluronate, fruit extract of altep oil (a C a I), grape (grape) leaf extract, Rose (Rose) seed oil, Perseus (avocade) seed oil, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), ascorbic palmitate (vitamin C), Cassava starch, xanthan gum, glyceryl octanoate, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sodium dehydroacetate, carrageenan, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), sodium phytate, decyl glucoside, essence1Limonene2, linalol2, Citral2

1Mixture of 100% pure essential oil2 Natural in base oil

100% natural and biological certification. Pure vegetable products

Anti stress cream - 50 ml
Water (water), octadecyl dodecyl polyester, propylene glycol, glyceryl stearate1Glycerin, jojoba oil, shea butter, hexadecanol1Sodium hyaluronate, Pichia pastoris fermentation broth, Ginkgo biloba extract, Hamamelis extract1Undecylenoic acid glyceride1Hexadecanol1Arachidonol1Benzyl alcohol1Xanthan gum, ascorbic palmitate (vitamin C), phytic acid, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), benzyl alcohol2Potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, perfume3

1Natural emulsifier for vegetable oil2 natural preservative. 3Pure essential oil mixture

100% natural and biological certification. Pure vegetable products

Hand cream - 100ml

Aloe leaf juice1Maltodextrin, water (water), coconut caprylic acid / caproic acid, (vegetable) glycerin1Almond (almond) oil1Jujube seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, jojoba ester, arachidonol2Sunflower seed wax, glyceryl octanoate, hexadecanol, behenyl alcohol2Tocopherol acetate, xanthan gum, arachidonic acid, undecylglyceride, cetylglucoside, Acacia wax, polyglycerol-3, citric acid, phytic acid, benzyl alcohol2Potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, perfume3

1 Biological / organic sources2 Natural emulsifier sourced from vegetable oils3 Blend of 100% pure essential oils



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Gran tratamiento facial y gran crema de manos. Todos los productos me están yendo muy bien. Yo siempre me miro los ingredientes y está todo perfecto.


El paso 1 es el mejor producto que he encontrado tanto para afeitarme como para lavarme la cara. El paso 3 es incríble como me deja la piel radiante, y el paso 4 una crema estupenda. El único que producto que no he acabado de usar es el exfoliante. La crema de manos va muy bien porque se absorbe muy rápido y no vas dejando nada pringoso luego

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